Hijos del Metal Magazine #20


Entrevistas: Sad Eyes, Bitterness, Kilmara, Quassar, Incursed, Pandemia, Regresion, We All Fall, Jolly Joker, Desert Near The End, Dais y Colossus.

Reviews: BabyMetal, Bitterness, Code, Cyrence, Decline of the I, E-Force, In Vain, Killer, Los Benito, Max Pie, Maxxxwell Carlisle, Morthus, Nudo, Offensive Ground, Phantom Mask, Rebel Collective, Sathanas, Send, Tarja, The Ghost Next Door, The Great Destroyer X, ThunderHeart, Tony Mills y Xtasy.

Lives: XIV Skulls of Metal, Rock Arena Fest, Testament + Exodus, Metal Women Fest, Move Your Fucking Brain Extreme Fest, Oker + Marakas the Machine, Cain's Dinasty + Eugenio Izquierdo, Injector + Maniac Forces y The Great Southern Pantera + Scila + Evolah.

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CD Sampler

1. Bitterness - Re-Liar
2. Pandemia  - Eat My Guts
3. Soldier - Warbourne
4. We All Fall - No Name
5. Desert Near The End - Across The River
6. Colossus - Jihad
7. Dais - Combate a 1000 asaltos
8. Incursed - Beer Bloodbath
9. Quassar - Internal State Experience
10. Sad Eyes - Vincere


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