Hijos del Metal Magazine #16


Entrevistas: Helevorn, Scargod, Ankor, Forever it Shall Be, Broken Lingerie, Scandelion, The Hole, BloodRed, Running Death y Asha.

Reviews: Scargod, Forever it Shall Be, Arising Fear, Vengeful Ghoul, Zaum, Kismet, Allowance, Helevorn, Barbarian, Forgery, Katarsick, Last Bastion, Skullmania, Acid Proyect, Ocean Chief y Subliritum.

Lives: Helevorn (Presentación videoclip + Acústico)

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CD Sampler

1. Ankor - Last Song For Venus
2. Asha - A Man Without Land
3. Broken Lingerie - Lying Words
4. Running Death - Killing for Gods
5. Forever It Shall Be - Monolith
6. Helevorn - Burden Me
7. Scandelion - Die...or Die (Your Choice)
8. Scargod - The hymns of my Disgrace
9. BloodRed - The Lost Ones
10. The Hole - Crushin'


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